Fiber reinforced composite hydrogels have become a popular material used in tissue engineering in recent years due to their robust nature under tension and biocompatibility qualities [1]. However, little is known of the fracture mechanics of the fiber reinforcements themselves (which are typically created of Electrospun materials, a process in which a high voltage differential is applied to a polymer solution, creating a jet of nanofibers that collect into a mat- like material) [2]. This study provides ana analysis of the fracture toughness of two Electrospun materials: one created from a 100 bloom strength gelatin solution, and one created from a 300 bloom strength gelatin solution. It is found that the fracture toughness increases as the rate of extension increases during standard tear testing in both materials, and the fracture toughness of the 300 bloom strength material is greater than that of the 100 bloom strength material. Further experimentation is needed to confirm the results of this preliminary data.

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