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In this independent study, we explored the adhesive properties of a novel hydrogel, termed MusSeal, developed by Dr. Fuzhong Zhang in the context of sealing ruptured blood vessels during neurosurgery. The gel is made of synthesized hybrid mussel foot protein and polyacrylic acid (PAA). We developed a burst pressure testing apparatus to measure the pressure the gel could withstand while adhered to a patch of bovine aorta, the easiest substitute for human blood vessels. Varying compositions of the gel were tested under different application time periods to try and optimize the adhesion strength of the gel. Ultimately, it was found that a layering of PAA on top of mussel foot protein, hydrated overnight, then placed under a pressure of 120 mmHg for 15 minutes was able to withstand a maximum internal pressure of 233 mmHg on average.

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Mechanical Engineering and Material Sciences Independent Study

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