Throughout the spring 2020 semester I worked in Dr. Lake’s Musculoskeletal Soft Tissue lab developing custom software and a graphical user interface (GUI) for polarized light image acquisition. The Lake lab recently purchased a commercially available polarization camera produced by FLIR, the Blackfly S USB 3.0 with SONY IMX250MZR sensor which required code development for polarization image acquisition. The Lake lab has previously used quantitative polarized light imaging (QPLI) in reflectance and transmission mode to evaluate dynamic collagen fiber alignment in musculoskeletal soft tissues. They aim to use the reflectance based QPLI technique (rQPLI) to measure the alignment of collagen fibers in the ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) during fatigue loading to visualize region specific microstructural damage before failure. In QPLI, the Lake Lab has historically used a custom division of focal plane polarization sensor for rapid characterization of the Stokes parameters. Establishing the use of a commercially available polarization camera makes technology transfer and application scale up simpler than with the previous custom hardware. Development of an image acquisition software suite for the Blackfly camera will allow images and video taken by the commercially available sensor to be compared to the previously validated sensor currently in use for rQPLI. Development began with extensive reading of documentation and software examples. From there, I created a software suite resulting in a functional GUI that could interface with the camera. Some present limitations on acquisition capability and data storage persist and will be addressed in future semesters.

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