The Automatic Chain Cleaner (ACC) is a battery-powered tool that clamps onto a bicycle frame and encloses the chain while cleaning it with brushes and degreaser and/or water. The batteries power a motor that drives the chain in the reverse direction from normal bicycle use. Clamps stabilize the tool and provide a consistent and stable cleaning job. This project aims to replace the manual versions of thistool which suffer from lack of stability and a poor user experience. Ease of use and reliability are important requirements for this project. The ACC will take 4 AA batteries and will run smoothly and consistently due to the electric motor.This report details the entire design process, starting from defining the problem and ending with the final prototype and performance results. Extensive modeling and analysis was conducted using computer-aided design (CAD) in Solidworks. The final result had many changes from the initial prototypes, but vastly improved upon the first designs with multiple rounds of testing and refactoring. 3D printed PETG plastic was used for all parts except the motor and 11-tooth driving cog, which was taken from a bicycle cassette. Videos at the end demonstrate the ACC working smoothly and showcase its stability.

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