The following report summarizes the ongoing work of designing and engineering a violin bow-hand prosthetic for an 11 year old violinist, Sam. Building off the first two prototypes developed last semester, this project seeks to provide a more comprehensive prosthetic that allows for better control, increased range of motion, comfort, and the possibility of more advanced bowing techniques. With the unfortunate situation of COVID-19, the execution of this project was altered accordingly. Parts of the prosthetic were redesigned and reprinted, while others are still in the design phase. Despite changing circumstances, our goal of providing Sam a proper prosthetic was not lost. The report outlines our research on the biomechanics of violin bowing and how our prosthetic is designed to mitigate long- term health effects on Sam. It also provides information on future work on the prosthetic and testing performance guidelines which can all be completed once a new normal is established.

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Final Report

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McKelvey School of Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science

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Mechanical Engineering and Material Sciences Independent Study

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