The previous load sharing method for a coaxial rotor system with an infinite number of blades is expanded for a system with a finite number of blades. In the previous methods, the load sharing case was developed only for the case where the load was evenly shared between the two rotors. However, an even distribution is not always needed and therefore a load distribution factor, f, was added to the system to accommodate for uneven load distributions. The addition of f allowed for the development of a correlation to adjust the input f to adjust the load sharing in the finite blade simulations to reach the desired load distribution.

This independent study develops an understanding of how changing from a system with an infi-nite number of blades to a system with a finite number of blades impacts the load sharing relationship. This is accomplished through the following: 1) update the load sharing relationship for a finite-state inflow model with an infinite number of blades to allow for a load distribution factor, f, between both rotors, 2) apply the system for load sharing from the infinite number of blades system to the finite number of blades system, 3) find the f_effective to correct the load sharing distribution for a finite number of blades, and 4) analyze the trends with relation to f and rotor spacing d.

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