This paper analyzes the accuracy of the recently developed one-equation k-kL turbulence model with Quadratic Constitutive Relation (QCR) compared to the linear Boussinesq relation and Algebraic Reynolds Stress Model (ARSM). The computational results in several benchmark cases from NASA TMR are compared to other widely used one equation turbulence models with QCR, such as Spalart-Allmaras model (SA), Wray-Agarwal model (WA) and SST k-ω model. In particular, one-equation k-kL-QCR model shows good accuracy with experimental data for supersonic flow in a square duct where the effect of QCR is clearly visible in capturing the secondary flow vortices which is not feasible with the any standard model without QCR. In addition, both one-equation k-kL and one-equation k- kL-QCR models show better accuracy for subsonic separated flow in 3D NASA Glenn S- duct compared to other one-equation models. Other test cases show little difference in the results obtained without and with QCR.

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