Throughout this fall semester, I worked in Dr. Spencer Lake’s Musculoskeletal Soft Tissue Laboratory to establish and validate a Matlab-based script intended to determine three dimensional distances between points of interest using a stereovision camera. I worked closely with my mentor, Leanne Iannucci, to troubleshoot and debug code she had previously developed. The objective of my work for the semester was to finalize a code capable of calibrating the stereovision camera, perform the calibration, and to finally validate it by comparing distances between two points of a phantom object calculated using the code I developed to a known distance. During this project, I was able to successfully develop this code and calibrate one of the ten zoom settings of the stereovision camera. I also performed some preliminary validation using this calibration. In the future, I aim to continue the validation process, perform calibrations on the remaining zoom settings of the camera, and writing a detailed procedure for other operators to use the stereovision camera for 3D point tracking.

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Mechanical Engineering and Material Sciences Independent Study

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