Publication Date

Fall 12-10-2017

Document Type

Final Report

Problem Statement

This project is intended to be a safe, easy, and inexpensive addition to existing window covers to maintain consistent indoor lighting by automatically adjusting blinds in response to ambient light levels. Our target customers are homeowners/renters and business owners concerned about employee productivity and wellness. This product will allow homeowners, business owners, and building tenants to increase occupant productivity. Bright sunlight can cause glare, making employees uncomfortable and reducing their productivity, along with their health. The product will automatically adjust window blinds to maintain a comfortable interior lighting level, promoting productivity and the bottom line. The product can also reduce building energy consumption in the summer by reducing the amount of solar heat gain through the windows. The main goals of our project are to ensure that we have a safe device that works with current blinds without modification, maintains comfortable interior light level, requires low maintenance and is quick to install. Our device automation schedule will be programmable, and an override function will be available. Our blind automation device will not be temperature dependent, lift the blind slats up and down, nor be solar powered. We are assuming that potential customers will already own twist style blinds and will agree with our definition of the acceptable light level.

Author's School

McKelvey School of Engineering

Author's Department

Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science

Class Name

Mechanical Engineering Design Project (MEMS 411)