Publication Date

Fall 2021

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Final Report

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Problem Statement

The Volleyball Crossbow was our solution to the problem of a limited number of skilled setters on a volleyball team. This device will alleviate expectations of the setters and improve the efficiency of practice drills. The major customer needs for this device included consistency in launch, height and angle adjustability, high speed of operation, and ease of use. The Volleyball Crossbow provides a relatively low-cost, easy to manufacture design that meets these customer needs. As the name suggests, the design inspiration came from the crossbow mechanism. Two elastic bands attached to a cross-member and a cart on a track are utilized to launch a volleyball. The angle and height adjustability are achieved using a workout bench inspired discrete angle system. After desired projectile is set, the user can operate this system with ease. Further, this system imposes very little spin on the volleyball during launch which is a very favorable behavior. Future improvements to the device will need to be considered prior to commercialization. These include integrating a counter-weight into the design, quick-release elastic bands, and a guide for the user to assist in launch consistency.

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McKelvey School of Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science

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Mechanical Engineering Design Project (MEMS 411)