Publication Date

Fall 2021

Document Type

Final Report

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Problem Statement

This project aims at designing a robot that is capable of playing a simplified form of soccer against other robots. The original competition was created by the ASME organization as a student design competition in 2018. This project is an adapted version in which some of the rules and guidelines have been changed to fit the goals of this class better. The design parameters for this project include: having the robot drive around the parameter of the playing field in under 17 seconds, having the vehicle successfully capture the ball within 2 seconds of approaching 8 out of times, and having the vehicle make more than out of shots from the mid-line of the field with having the robot approach from the sideline with the ball placed in the center.

Author's School

McKelvey School of Engineering

Author's Department

Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science

Class Name

Mechanical Engineering Design Project (MEMS 411)