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Course Date

Spring 2016


This project examines the appearance of Ferguson, Missouri from the inside out and the images that are formulated by citizens from within and outside the city. It considers the significance and the impact that the image of the city brings to the city itself. Ferguson’s rich history and beauty has been defaced by the unfortunate incident of Michael Brown in 2014.0

As a fellow citizen of Ferguson, I wish to contribute my ideas for bringing a positive and healthy change to the communi-ty’s well-being. The initial study begins with a comprehensive research of Ferguson’s history for establishing a thorough understanding of the context to be evaluated. Three case studies are analyzed in parallel to derive new design principles and methodologies for enhancing the public image of Ferguson.

The book, The Image of the City, written by Kevin Lynch (1960) is also used as a major resource and tool to help understand the physical and experiential characteristics of a city and its connection with the image of a particular city. Through the syn-thesis of these understandings, the story is concluded with a framework for the proposed building that will tie the research and proposal together. The proposal includes a site and specifies the programs for the proposed building.

This will be manifested into an architectural intervention during Degree Project in the fall semester of 2016, During this pursuit, I hope to renew any preconceived images of Ferguson and transform its image that reflects the true character of the city by uncovering the hidden beauties that citizens may have missed or long forgotten.


Ferguson, Image, Reimaging, Community, Michael Brown, Rebuilding, Reconstruct.

Subject Categories

Architecture | Urban, Community and Regional Planning


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Reimaging Ferguson
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