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Fall 9-26-2019


You want the librarian to teach your students everything they need to know about the library and how to do research in one 50 minute instruction session in which this is the first time they're meeting, there is limited use of technology, and their papers are due in 10 weeks? Any instructor knows that this is not going to be a successful instruction session, but there is a way to increase the likelihood that the librarian and your students will have a more successful interaction: embed the librarian and the library in your LMS! Benefits include: building a rapport with the librarian prior to their in-person visit, flipping the classroom with library tutorials and modules, introducing the students to library resources at their point of need, and reducing cognitive load of students during an in-person session.



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Library and Information Science


LMS, Canvas, Library, Embedded Librarianship, Instructional Design


Albert, A. (2019). “The Library in Your Course: Engaging Students in an LMS.” Focus on Teaching and Technology Conference.


Focus on Teaching and Technology Presentation 2019

The Library in Your Course: Engaging Students in an LMS