Volume 40 (1991) Symposium on Growth Management and Exclusionary Zoning

The Editorial Board and Staff are privileged to dedicate this Volume of the Washington University Journal of Urban and Contemporary Law to its founder, Daniel R. Mandelker, Stamper Professor of Law, on the occasion of his retirement as Faculty Advisor. Professor Mandelker has been an inspiration to all who are associated with the Journal, and who have worked with him. This dedication represents a fitting testimonial to his efforts on its behalf. As a legal scholar and teacher, Professor Mandelker is a person whose wit, insight, and knowledge of the law as presented to his students and colleagues provides the incentive to strive for excellence in understanding and preparing for the legal profession.




Advocating Affordable Housing in New Hampshire: The Amicus Curiae Brief of the American Planning Association in Wayne Britton v. Town of Chester
Brian W. Blaesser, Susan M. Connor, Eric Damian Kelly, Stuart Meck, John M. Payne, James M. Rubenstein, Charles F. Tucker, and Norman Williams Jr.


A Response to William A. Fischel
Stuart Meck and Charles F. Tucker



Recent Developments

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