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Racial and Economic Exclusionary Zoning: The Beginning of the End?

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Urban Law Annual


Having in 1968 written one of the first major comprehensive studies of exclusionary zoning, little did we realize the speed by which our propositions would be tested in the courts. Shortly after publication in January, 1969, one of the co-authors attended a legal strategy seminar at the New York offices of the National Committee Against Discrimination in Housing (NCDH) to assist in its legal assault on exclusionary suburban zoning. NCDH has led this attack. In addition, legal periodicals have published numerous articles which, in effect, expanded upon our tentative conclusions voiced during the formativestages of this struggle. This article will not dwell upon the existence of the problem nor its potential effect upon home rule. Those parts of our thesis have been generally recognized. Instead, we will concern ourselves with potential judicial and legislative remedies.