On Crimes Against Humanity, Protect the UN Sixth Committee’s Integrity With Action

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Just Security


Enthusiasm for negotiating and adopting a new global treaty on the prevention and punishment of crimes against humanity has been growing since the issuance of a model draft treaty 16 years ago, particularly after the United Nations International Law Commission (ILC) submitted a final set of draft articles to the General Assembly on Aug. 5, 2019. Although paragraph 42 of the ILC’s report recommended the “elaboration of a convention by the General Assembly or by an international conference of plenipotentiaries on the basis of the draft articles,” progress on this important treaty has stalled in the U.N. General Assembly’s Sixth Committee. But there are ways the Sixth Committee, the U.N. General Assembly panel that considers legal issues, could make progress on the ILC’s draft text, thereby fulfilling its role within the U.N. system and increasing the likelihood that this critical treaty will be negotiated and adopted in the near future.


Crimes Against Humanity, international justice, International Law Commission, Proposed Crimes Against Humanity Treaty, Treaties, United Nations General Assembly

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Leila N. Sadat, On Crimes Against Humanity, Protect The Un Sixth Committee’s Integrity With Action, JUST SECURITY (Sept. 22, 2022),