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Harvard Law Review Forum


America’s kids are not okay. As gun violence surges and politicians dither, school shootings are traumatizing a generation of youth. While only one manifestation of America’s gun violence crisis, school shootings are shocking in their ferocity, the senseless and random nature of the violence, and their impact upon millions of young, captive, and vulnerable individuals. This Essay makes the claim that the suffering of America’s school children from uncontrolled gun violence may be significant enough in scale and kind to rise to the level of ill-treatment under international law, violating U.S. treaty obligations and customary international law. If so, their ill-treatment is not only a consequence of misguided legislative policy preferences, but a violation of their fundamental legal rights.


School Shootings, Torture, Second Amendment, Gun Violence

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Leila N. Sadat, Torture in Our Schools?, 135 Harv. L. Rev. F. 512 (2022)