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Journal of Legal Education


It has been hard to find many silver linings in this dark cloud we call the pandemic, but here’s one: Two colleagues and I, all three of us at different law schools, were having an e-mail discussion about how online instruction had affected us and challenged our “business as usual” approach to teaching. Among the three of us, we have taught for more than 100 years combined. Yet here we were, trading notes on our successes and failures with polls, online discussion boards, and virtual breakout rooms. Finally, the most senior member of our trio summed it up with this message: “In our old age, we are finally, actually learning how to teach.


Legal Education, Pedagogy, Virtual Teaching, Zoom

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Daniel Keating, Finding New Classroom Tricks in a Virtual Teaching World: One ‘Old Dog’s’ Tale, 70 Journal of Legal Education 462 (2021)