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Villanova Law Review


Whatever our perspectival and methodological differences, one thing we can all agree on about Jerome as a scholar: the man was prolific. He published over twenty articles, plus book chapters and a book, all penned with eloquence and what we now recognize as quintessentially 'Jeromeesque" passion. He published in major symposia as well as the most prestigious law reviews. For those who do not know Jerome's work as well, and for those of us who do but are still taking in the volume of it, I thought I would offer three snapshots of Jerome's writing career, hoping to capture some aspects of his intellectual and political trajectory through the academic solar system.


Tribute, Jerome McCristal Culp, Jr.

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Adrienne D. Davis, Three Jeromes: A Tribute to Professor Jerome McCristal Culp, Jr., 50 Vill. L. Rev. 777 (2005).