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International Law and the Control of Revolutionary Activities by Political Refugees Under American Law

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Washington University Law Quarterly


The unprecedented exodus of political refugees from countries dominated by tyrannical regimes has posed the interesting and vital problem of controlling their activities in countries of asylum. While the right of a State to grant asylum to those fleeing from persecution and oppression is unquestioned, the further question is immediately presented as to how to prevent these persons from engaging in activities designed to undermine the political institutions of their native land. This is clearly a matter which not only involves the good relations between the State of refuge and that of which the refugees are nationals, but which also seriously endangers the peace and security of mankind. It is therefore a problem that must be treated in the context of such values as peace and security that every government is bound to promote and cultivate within its jurisdiction. Bearing this in mind, this Article will explore the principles of international law that regulate the subject and the manner in which they are applied by the United States.