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The Promotion of Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights of Vulnerable Groups in Africa Pursuant to Treaty Obligations: CRC, CEDAW, CERD, & CRPD

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Washington University Global Studies Law Review


This Article will examine the promotion of the economic, social, and cultural rights of vulnerable groups, such as women, children, persons with disabilities, and racial minorities through the human rights treaty body review process. It will highlight the range of mechanisms at the international level that can be used to enforce the rights of vulnerable communities in Africa, and the extent to which these mechanisms have been utilized by African States, with a focus on four applicable international treaties. The purpose of the review of African countries is to consider the effect that treaty participation has had on the continent, with the view of assessing the capacity that the treaty bodies have for promoting and protecting human rights by documenting laws and practices in various countries. It is hoped that the Article will provide an overview of the laws as well as some positive practices that have been adopted by various African countries in line with the human rights treaties.