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Be Careful What You Pay For: Awareness Raising on Trafficking in Persons

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Washington University Global Studies Law Review


Raising awareness and educating the public about the causes, consequences, and signs of trafficking in persons are important tools to prevent and detect this heinous crime. A version of this Article was presented as a speech at the UN Convention against Transnational Organized Crime Working Group on Trafficking in Persons in Vienna, Austria, on October 12, 2011 as well as at Washington University School of Law on October 7, 2011. This Article examines international law and best practice guidelines relevant to awareness raising and assesses past campaigns against these standards. The Article then articulates goals, recommendations, and elements for successful awareness campaigns, especially in destinations of trafficking in persons. By way of example, a new Australian awareness campaign entitled “Be Careful What You Pay For” is outlined to demonstrate the practical implementation of these best practice guidelines and research outcomes.