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Bo Hao Guan

Date of Award


Author's School

School of Law

Degree Name

Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD)

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The United States has developed a welfare state since the 1930s, and public sector was completely responsible for providing social welfare such as education, medical treatment, social services, etc. However, with the increase of social welfare fields, it became more and more difficult for public sector to bear such a heavy financial burden, which led to the inefficiency and low performance of government. In this situation, government started to enable private sector to participate in providing social welfare and public services or even replace public sector in certain fields. This was the beginning of privatization. The United States has implemented privatization in various industries, and a majority of them have been proved successful. The success of privatization in the United 2 States results from relevant laws and regulations enacted on privatization. Although some of the laws and regulations on privatization in the United States have strong national character, they still have the meaning of guiding for China. Because China is at the initiative stage of implementing privatization, the legislation on privatization is relatively absent. To fill in the blanks in legislation on privatization, it is necessary for China to learn from the successful experiences of legislation on privatization in the United States.

Chair and Committee

John N. Drobak, Supervisor Professor, Gerrit De Geest, Examining Professor, Peter K. Cramer, Examining Professor.

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