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Reviving Traditional Native American Food with the Hunt. Fish. Gather. Program


In the United States, high incidences of cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression, anxiety, and stress affect large portions of the population. One way to prevent, manage, and protect against these health-related difficulties is to maintain a healthy diet. To accomplish this, people can turn to traditional Native American foods, which are minimally processed, locally produced, nutrient-dense, and low in trans-fat. This study examined health awareness outcomes from the Hunt. Fish. Gather. (H.F.G.) program, a Native American cuisine program seeking to increase awareness of traditional Native foods with a focus on mind, body, spirit, and environment. Upon completion of the program, surveys were administered to participants to measure whether awareness and understanding of traditional Native foods changed. Findings of the survey suggest that the program significantly increased participant awareness and understanding of traditional Native foods. Literature suggests that increasing these may lead to better food habits and improved well-being.

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