JME 4110: Data Center Cooling

Brennan Fogarty, Washington University in St. Louis
Christopher Schmidt
Aryal Suruchi, Washington University in St. Louis

Problem Statement

The group will design a way to efficiently move heat within a framework of using dielectric fluid as a heat transfer medium. The heat will be removed from a data center or a simulated data center. The group will evaluate the best possible design with the understanding that cooling data centers generate a large amount of heat. The design will also be constructed in such a manner that it can be scaled up to a larger size. Dielectric fluid will be used due to its efficiency compared to that of an air cooled system or a compressed refrigerant system. Account for safety factors to both the equipment and the environment while designing a system that addresses current design faults in data center cooling. Continue to be mindful of faults that may be encountered due to the proposed design as the group will be forced to design around not only engineering constraints but also resource constraints.