Publication Date

Summer 2021

Document Type

Final Report

Problem Statement

We met with our target customer to understand their needs for the ideal portable car wash. Their key needs included use by any sized passenger vehicle, washing the car as good as a community car wash, and must be portable. We started by researching current products that could match these needs, and then we sketched four of our own designs to match our customer’s needs. With these design sketches we used a metrics tool to determine which design was the best. From there we did engineering calculations to analyze the trouble spots in our design, such as the water pressure in our washing system and the air speed from our drying system. With these calculations we found our design was still feasible. From our design sketch we created a parts list, purchased items from local hardware stores, and then started constructing our prototype. Once the design was constructed, a CAD model was created to document the exact design and dimensions of the final prototype.

Author's School

McKelvey School of Engineering

Author's Department

Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science

Class Name

Mechanical Engineering Design Project (UMSL JME 410)