Publication Date

Summer 8-11-2020

Document Type

Final Report

Problem Statement

The material enclosed within this report covers the development of a portable material science laboratory. The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 revealed many issues surrounding the transition of hands-on laboratory courses to online courses, and this project aims to solve some of these issues regarding hands-on learning while keeping students and faculty safe. Points of emphasis, include, but are not limited to providing a portable tensile and hardness tester for students to use at home, solid solution hardening using kitchen ovens, and various other portable material science based experiments to be performed at home during a time of virtual learning.

Author's School

McKelvey School of Engineering

Author's Department

Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science

Class Name

Mechanical Engineering Design Project (UMSL JME 410)


Additional emphasis within this project is the use of virtual prototyping software. Autodesk Inventor's dynamic simulations, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), parts, assemblies, sub-assemblies, and drawings provided a means for completion of a senior level mechanical engineering design course from an entirely virtual environment.

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