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Brown School of Social Work

Date Submitted

Fall 12-12-2014



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Social exclusion is a dynamic process that describes an individual being fully or partially blocked from various rights, opportunities, or resources Many studies use older adults’ poverty as a proxy to measure social exclusion among older adults Although studies revealed that older adults are more vulnerable to be socially excluded, most studies of social exclusion focus on the children and families; this creates a niche for under-standing the social exclusion among older adults. In addition, most studies focus on the cumulative disadvantages (e.g. poverty) among older adults while recently research showed that the key to help the elderly to be socially included should examine the community factors and barriers For example, senior centers are documented to have a positive effect for older adults while negative community profiles are detrimental to their well-being This study aims to examined the association between social exclusion and community factors among elderly by using GIS approach.


Social Work


St. Louis, MO

Social Exclusion among Older Adults in St. Louis: A GIS Analysis
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