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Brown School of Social Work

Date Submitted

Fall 12-9-2014



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As construction of a new stadium for the Atlanta Falcons progresses, a parallel effort is underway to make meaningful, lasting improvements to the neighboring community of Vine City, one of Atlanta’s oldest and most impoverished neighborhoods. Over the past 30 years, Vine City has experienced significant decline in population, property investment and general economic stability. According to Census data, less than 40 percent of Vine City residents are employed and more than 50 percent of its families live below the poverty. In 2014, Equifax and the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation joined the Atlanta Committee for Progress and community leaders and stakeholders to develop a comprehensive plan for neighborhood revitalization, beginning with strategies for business development to address the neighborhood’s declining economic conditions. A thorough assessment of the current business landscape is critical to inform strategies moving forward. This research study seeks to, using GIS, identify existing minority- or women-owned small businesses within Vine City requiring additional resources and support tobetter serve the neighborhood’s residents.


Social Work


Atlanta, GA

Identifying Potential Sites for Business Development in Vine City, Atlanta, Georgia
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