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Author's School

Brown School of Social Work

Date Submitted

Fall 12-9-2014



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As a start-up non-profit with limited resources, Kiva Zip seeks to expand their presence nationally through carefully targeted efforts in marketing and fundraising. St. Louis is on a short-list to earn the designation of a Kiva Zip City with the establishment of local support from government leaders and financial donors. In order to gain the necessary momentum to become an official Kiva Zip City, which results in on-the-ground support and matched loans from sponsors, St. Louis must prove itself as a source of successful borrowers. This project asks what areas in St. Louis match the demographic composition of past successful Kiva Zip borrowers, and from this which of these areas has the greatest concentration of minorities?


Social Work


St. Louis, MO

Recommendations for Kiva Zip Expansion by Target Segmentation of St. Louis
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