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The sewer system is an integral part of an urban context. It separates types of wastewater, while also making our city cleaner and more beautiful. However, these pipes clog and back up, loosening the functional system. As a result, we now face unseen daily accumulations of trash and flooding. Due to the dynamic topography in this old part of the city, the Gateway Mall is a great place to highlight the sewer system and play play with the rules of the old sewer system. Humans have built up thousands of plastic and concrete pipes underground to move the wastewater. In the site, three ‘rivers’ collect surface runoff from streets, which ease the pressure for real river and urban flooding, and a catch basin and a rain garden provide stops for the trash. The use of soil transfer creates a more dramatic terrain, combined with decks to provide a richer level of space. Intuitively facing the strong contrast between the hills piled up by human waste and the beautiful environment will cause people to think about their personal habits. The more attention people pay for themselves, the more motivation to recover the environment by the action.

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MLA 501, Fall 2019 Graduate Landscape Architecture Studio. Lecturer Micah Stanek, Washington University in St. Louis

The Meeting of Water, Trash, & Us