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Nuclear power plants provide 20% of the electricity in the United States. Heat from Uranium and chain reactions turns water into steam to run the generator. Being close to water is an important element to select the site for nuclear power plants. Most of the water elements are concentrated in east of Gateway Mall. This factor combined with the underground nuclear shelter in 22nd Judicial Circuit Court help me determine my site. The inner design is a microcosm of the nuclear cooling tower, the design can provide a warm atmosphere in the winter for visitors but at that same time it is emitting extra heat and moisture to the environment. The warm atmosphere that the steam offers can allow subtropical plants live here, contrasted with native plants, subtropical plants can be active longer into the winter. In the future, these steam-loving non-native plants might be the native plants of St. Louis’ s future. The water channel around Serra sculpture shows that the nuclear power station consumes a lot of water. The viewing terrace offers a different view, where visitors can see what happens inside from outside. The rain garden and permeable pavement are able to turn original problems of accumulated water into a new condition. The accumulated water and sediment after raining create a new wet, warm environment for new life in this unique rain garden.

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MLA 501, Fall 2019 Graduate Landscape Architecture Studio. Lecturer Micah Stanek, Washington University in St. Louis

Steam Illusion