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School Design for Resilience: Eureka Elementary School Designing Learning Environments for the Future

In School Design For Resiliency, students are charged to develop real-world design solution for a planned 100,000 square feet elementary school in Eureka. School Design for Resilience (SDR) proposes a transdisciplinary collaboration between FGM Architects, allied professionals, local PK-12 educators and high school students. Through a series of design exercises, students are asked to study the site, evaluate a detailed educational space program, research existing educational facilities, and then produce a design for a new building that incorporates resilient design standards including a shocks and stresses analysis to evaluate the building, the community and the environment. SDR studio methodology includes stakeholders focus groups, data and precedent analysis. The studio also produced a book (Design for Resilience Designing Learning Environments for the Future [STLMO]), summarizing their research from interviews, site analysis, resiliency goals, and precedent studies.

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School Design for Resilience: Designing Learning Environments for the Future
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