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Third Space is a civic space that proposes journalism as a programmatic outlet for the Gravois Park and immigrant communities of St. Louis. Throughout history, journalism has been an invaluable platform and voice for marginalized communities through Foreign Correspondents Clubs [FCC]. FCCs are hubs where journalists, correspondents, diplomats, and citizens convene within the community. In these spaces community and club members can create periodicals, host forums and exhibitions, network with fellow members, learn about topical issues, reference libraries, and generally engage with their community in a meaningful way. Third Space provides these resources concurrently with a digital library to the Gravois Park community and the greater network of St. Louis cultural societies and newspapers. The lower floor is the digital library which consists of an exhibition space, a cafe, a classroom, and digital archives in conjunction to technological resources such as audiovisual studios, a green screen room, and computer lab. Here community members and local schools can benefit from access to state-of-the-art technology, see exhibitions on local issues presented by journalists and artists, and screenings of movies. A town hall space to the northern side of the Third Space building provides a much-needed venue for community interaction and activism since the current venue is too small to hold all the constituents. The upper floor is occupied by a Foreign Correspondents Club for journalists to network with St. Louis’ cultural and ethnic societies. An urban park provides a buffer between the community building and the housing units that frames the northern side of the lot. The housing complex totals 42 units that range from: four-bedroom units with balconies prioritized to large refugee families, and a mix of market rate and low-income three, two with balconies, and single bedroom units. In total, there are 6 1Bed/1Bath units, 13 2Bed/2Bath, 13 3Bed/2Bath, and 10 4Bed/2Bath units.

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Fall 2016

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Architecture | Urban, Community and Regional Planning

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Graduate student work from an architecture studio led by Catalina Freixas (Fall 2016) to envision a new use for the former International Institute of St. Louis (IISTL) site,

The Third Space: Creating a Community Anchor