Capstone design project supervised by the course instructor. The project must use the theory, techniques, and concepts of the student's major: electrical engineering or systems science & engineering. The solution of a real technological or societal problem is carried through completely, starting from the stage of initial specification, proceeding with the application of engineering methods, and terminating with an actual solution. Collaboration with a client, typically either an engineer or supervisor from local industry or a professor or researcher in university laboratories, is encouraged. A proposal, an interim progress update, and a final report are required, each in the forms of a written document and oral presentation, as well as a webpage on the project. Weekly progress reports and meetings with the instructor are also required. Prerequisite: ESE senior standing and instructor's consent. Note: This course will meet at the scheduled time only during select weeks. If you cannot attend at that time, you may still register for the course.


Submissions from 2020


Power Delivery Network as a Physically Unclonable Function, Patrick Naughton and Robert Esswein