This presentation provides an analysis of three different municipal courts (St. John, Ferguson, and Kirkwood) in St. Louis County, serving as an overview of the great disparities in judicial processing and fee assessment in the region. The three courts were weighed against each other based on accessible demographic statistics and data collected during on-site visits by the authors. A list of distinct characteristics was made for each court, then a pros and cons chart was created based on similarities between the three. The per capita income and traffic tickets per capita were also compared among the three cities, demonstrating the unjust negative correlation between the two statistics. Population data was provided to enhance the analysis, further shedding light on the inequitable judicial treatment of minorities in low-income areas.


Sandra Matteucci and Seema Dahlheimer


Spring 2016

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McKelvey School of Engineering

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General Engineering

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Destination Ferguson: Looking at Urban Sustainability Challenges through the Lens of Engineering Ethics, Leadership, and Conflict Management