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Winter 12-15-2019

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McKelvey School of Engineering

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Electrical & Systems Engineering

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Whispering-gallery-mode (WGM) optical resonators in which light is confined by total internal reflection have found broad applications ranging from optical communications, microlasers, sensing, opto-mechanics to quantum optics. However, overcoming obstacles of practical applications for WGM resonators is absolutely a big challenge. First, we report the first realization of a compact WGM sensing system, which integrates a tunable laser, a current source, a temperature controller, a function generator, an oscilloscope, a photodiode detector, a testing computer with customized testing software, and a packaged WGM sensor into a phone-sized embedded system. Second, we deploy the WGM sensor in the Internet of things (IoT) sensor network. We demonstrate a WGM sensor based embedded IoT device. By connecting the Wi-Fi unit to the internet, a worldwide, real-time control of this system can be realized. We also conducted the aerial thermal mapping experiment by using this wireless sensing system. Third, we report a sensing model with high noise immunity using machine learning algorithm for WGM mode shift sensing. Furthermore, an artificial intelligence at the edge embedded device is designed for real-time inference of sensing results which is running the pre-trained neural network model. This platform is also integrated with a customized iOS application for system control and sensing result display via Wi-Fi antenna. Our algorithm and platform not only exhibit high noise immunity characteristics, but also potential flexibility in configuration for different sensing applications.


English (en)



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Ulugbek Kamilov, Chuan Wang, Xuan Zhang, Shen Zeng,


Permanent URL: https://doi.org/10.7936/zwxm-e933

Available for download on Friday, December 15, 2119

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Engineering Commons