Date of Award

Spring 4-20-2018

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Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science

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Master of Science (MS)

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Few experimental methods today are capable of exploring the strength of materials at high strain rates (105 s-1). Those that are capable, such as the Split Hopkinson Bar, Taylor Anvil and Plate Impact suffer from instability and are generally limited to one dimensional wave propagation. Of particular interest is material response under biaxial compression, similar to that seen in inertial confinement fusion. Laser fusion fuel pellets typically undergo large strain rates as well as plastic deformation and non-linear behavior. This work briefly outlines an experimental procedure designed to replicate these large strain rates under biaxial compression using spherical symmetry and the piezoelectric effect. Numerical simulations using the commercial finite element analysis tools Abaqus and ANSYS are performed to provide proof of concept. Comparison between future experimental data and that from numerical simulation will provide insight into the applicability of J2 plasticity in high strain rate environments.


English (en)


Guy Genin

Committee Members

Philip Bayly Mark Meacham


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