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Summer 8-2014

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Electrical & Systems Engineering

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Master of Science (MS)

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Parkinson Disease (PD) is a debilitating and progressive movement disorder that is estimated to affect over six million worldwide. One of the most characteristic symptoms of PD is resting tremor, which involves unintentional and rhythmic muscle oscillations of an afflicted extremity while the muscles of said extremity are relaxed. This study involved measuring the rest tremor of 10 PD subjects, 10 Essential Tremor subjects, and 10 healthy control subjects using two devices. One device was an FDA approved accelerometry system to measure human tremor known as the TremorometerTM and the other was a consumer three-dimensional camera known as the Leap MotionTM Controller. The study compares tremor characteristics calculated from both devices to compare the Leap Motion Controller to the Tremorometer System. The tremor characteristics obtained from the Leap Motion Controller were also used in an attempt to classify the subjects used in the study as either PD or non-PD subjects.


English (en)


Arye Nehorai

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Humberto Gonzalez


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