Policies for Digital Research Materials (Data & Supplemental files)

As we transition from the current technology to our new technology, please be aware that all dataset submissions will be paused for a brief period as we launch our new platform.

We will no longer ingest datasets into WashU’s Open Scholarship Digital Research Materials Repository as of April 21st.

On May 5th, we will launch WashU Research Data (WURD)and again accept datasets into our new platform.

Before You Submit

WUSTL researchers may submit data to Open Scholarship subject to the following submission criteria:
  • Data must be authored by at least one Washington University in St. Louis researcher.
  • Data must be non-restricted data that DO NOT contain any private, confidential, or other legally protected information (e.g., personal identifiable information).
  • Data must be deposited for open access. Authors will have the option of restricting access for a maximum of two years.
  • Data are digital. If you are interested in learning more about creating a digital project or having your work digitized, please contact Digital Library Services.
  • Data must include adequate documentation describing the nature of the data at an appropriate level for purposes of reuse and discovery. Learn how to create well-documented data on our Data Management Research Guide or by contacting your subject librarian.
  • The data should be in a final or published state.
  • Data should consist of original and unique data that cannot be easily reproduced or acquired elsewhere.
Adapted from the University of Minnesota DRUM Policies and Terms.