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Ad hoc networks are dynamic environments where fre-quent disconnections and transient interactions lead to de-coupled computing. Typically, participants in an ad hoc network are small mobile devices such as PDAs or cellu-lar phones that have a limited amount of resources avail-able locally, and must leverage the resources on other co-located devices to provide the user with a richer set of func-tionalities. Service-oriented computing (SOC), an emerging paradigm that seeks to establish a standard way of mak-ing resources and capabilities available for use by others in the form of services, is a useful model for engineering soft-ware that seeks to exploit capabilities on remote devices. This paper proposes an automatic code management sys-tem supporting SOC in ad hoc networks. The system is re-sponsible for ensuring that the binary code required to use a service on a remote machine is available on the local host only when required. To support this functionality, a local code base is maintained by discovering and installing code from remote hosts. Since the system is specifically designed for ad hoc networks, it incorporates additional features that help it withstand the inherent dynamism of the network. We present an architecture for our system supporting automatic code management and follow it with a discussion of a Java-based implementation.


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