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The wide-spread use of mobile computing devices has ledto an increased demand for applications that operate de-pendably in opportunistically formed networks. A promis-ing approach to supporting software development for suchdynamic settings is to rely on the context-aware computingparadigm, in which an application views the state of the sur-rounding ad hoc network as a valuable source of contextualinformation that can be used to adapt its behavior. Col-lecting context information distributed across a constantlychanging network remains a significant technical challenge.With this in mind, we propose a query-centered approach tosimplifying context interactions in mobile ad hoc networks.With our approach, an application programmer views thesurrounding world as a single data repository over whichdescriptive queries can be issued. Queries may be tran-sient, or may be more durable persistent queries that reactto changes in data or the network. Processing such queriesentails the creation and maintenance of a distributed over-lay data structure whose size needs to be under applicationcontrol. A high level of flexibility is achieved by judicioususage of mobile code fragments. In this paper, we presentthe design and implementation of our query service for adhoc networks.


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