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The scope of wireless sensor network (WSN) applications has traditionally been restricted by physical sensor coverage and limited computational power. Meanwhile, IP networks like the Internet offer tremendous connectivity and computing resources. This paper presents Agimone, a middleware layer that integrates sensor and IP networks as a uniform platform for flexible application deployment. This layer allows applications to be deployed on the WSN in the form of mobile agents which can autonomously discover and migrate to other WSNs, using a common IP backbone as a bridge. It facilitates data sharing between WSNs and the IP network through remote tuple space operations, allowing sensors to easily defer expensive computations to more-powerful devices. We demonstrate the expressiveness of Agimone’s programming model by examining a prototype cargo-tracking application that has been deployed using this system. We also provide an empirical evaluation of Agimone using a series of benchmarks deployed on two WSNs consisting of MICA2 sensor nodes connected by an IP network. These benchmarks show that inter-network tuple space operations take 10ms, and that one-way agent migrations between two different WSNs take approximately 83ms.


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