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The requirements for the rapid display of radiographic images exceed the capabilities of widely available display, computer and communication technologies. Computed radiography captures data with a resolution of about four megapixels. Large format displays are available that can present over four megapixels. One megapixel displays are practical for use in combination with large format displays and in areas where the viewing task does not require primary diagnosis. This paper describes an electronic radiology system that approximates the highest quality systems, but through the use of several interesting techniques allows the possibility of its widespread installation throughout hospitals. The techniques uses can be grouped under three major systems concepts: a local, high-speed Image Server, one of more physician's workstations each with one or more high-performance Auxiliary Displays specialized to the radiology viewing task, and dedicated, high-speed communication links between the server and the displays. This approach is enhanced by the use of a progressive transmission scheme to decrease the latency for viewing four megapixel images. The system includes an Image Server with storage for over 600 4 megapixel images and high-speed link. A subsampled megapixel image is fetched from disk and transmitted to the display in about one second followed by the full resolution 4 megapixel in about 2.5 seconds. Other system components include a megapixel display with a 6 megapixel display memory space and frame-rate update of image roam, zoom and contrast. Plans for clinical use are presented.


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