Project Zeus: Design of a Broadband Network and its Application on a University Campus

Jerome R. Cox Jr., Washington University in St Louis
Michael E. Gaddis, Washington University in St Louis
Jonathan S. Turner, Washington University in St Louis


This is a report of the results of the initial step in a plan for the design, deployment and operation of a high speed campus network at Washington University. The network is based on ATM switching technology that has been developed here during the last several years. This network will support ubiquitous multimedia workstations with high-resolution graphics and video capablities, open up a wide range of new applications in research and education. It will support aggregate throughputs of hundreds of gigabits per second and will be designed to support port of 100 MB/s is now in operation. The next phase of network implementation will operate at 155 Mb/s port rates, with higher rates introduced as the demand arises and as economics permits. We propose to move this technology quickly into a production setting where the objectives of network use and network research can be pursued concurrently.