Proposal for a comprehensive bandwidth management scheme and connection acceptance rule for B-ISDN

Giuseppe Bianchi, Washington University in St Louis
Vittorio Trecordi, Washington University in St Louis


A feasible and cost-effective resource management scheme is urgently needed in the Broadband Integrated Services Digital Network adopting the Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) technique. In this paper we propose a simple and comprehensive strategy to manage bandwidth allocations, congestion control and quality of service (QOS) integrity in a multi-service ATM network. The proposed framework involves a core network that grants a limited number of grade of service (GOS) profiles and suggest the design of edge-adaptors able to match QOS user's requirements with associated connection acceptance algorithms are presented. Also, for some particular QOS requirements, the edge-adapter dimensioning process is developed. The effectiveness of the scheme is demonstrated by numerical examples which report the network utilization performance when the proposed core network policies and edge adapter design are applied.