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This document specifies a Connection Management Access Protocol (CMAP) for managing multipoint connectinos in high-speed packet switched networks. We target CMAP to networks employing the Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) communication standard. We define a multipoint connection as a communication channel between two or more clients of the network, where all data sent by one client is received by all other clients who have elected to receive. A point-to-point connection is a special case of a multipoint connection involving only two clients. CMAP specifies the access procedures exercised by clients to create, modify and delete multipoint connections. once a connection is established, clients exchange data using protocols that are specified separately from CMAP. To establish a multipoint connection, a client first creates a call between itself and the network. The client creating a call is designated the owner of the call. Additional endpoints are added either by invitation from the owner, invitation from another client of the network, or by explicitely requesting to be added. These three modes are sufficient for supporting point-to-point communication (for example, a telephone call), many-to-many communication (for example, a conference call or data exchange), one-to-many communication (for example, broadcast video), and many-to0one communication (for example, distributed data collection).


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