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We propose a network monitoring, visualization and control system (NMVC) that ensures adequate quality of service to network users while maintaining high network resource utilization. The main components of our system are a network probe, an endsystem probe, software network management agents that provide extensible multi-attribute event filtering for highly scalable data/event collection, network operation centers (NOCs) which can remotely install and (re)configure these agents, efficient online event ordering algorithms that can help synthesize and display a consistent view of network health, status and performance and a View Choreographer that allows management applications and administrators to specify the mapping of network events to higher-level events and to visualization objects and updates. The network probe will be built using the ATM Port Interconnect Controller (APIC) chip and a CPU-memory module. The APIC-based probe meets all the requirements for a gigabit link probe. With two full duplex 1.2 Gb/s ATM ports, the APIC can be easily inserted in a link as a probe for packet/cell "snooping" to log traffic measurements without interfering with network traffic. Software network management agents in our proposed system are build atop network probes and used to track event flows, as well as classify and report events of interest to NOCs. We propose using a highly flexible, scalable and high performance event-filtering mechanism for the software network management agents that will effectively eliminate redundant management traffic using a dynamic trie-based filter fusion technique. The View Choreographer uses semantically-guided filtering algorithms to enable low latency updates of displays that present an accurate real-time snapshot of current network state. Furthermore, the system's feedback control mechanisms will provide support for network configuration management, ATM virtual circuit management, router-to-router link management and application-level congestion management. The system will be experimentally evaluated by building a 3-5 node testbed and using a suite of multimedia traffic generator tools.


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