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This report describes our approach towards providing quality of service (QoS) guarantees for network communication within the endsystems to support multimedia applications. We first address the problem of QoS specification by identifying a set of application classes and their QoS parameters that cover the communication requirements of most applications. We then describe the QoS mapping problem, and show how requirements for resources (such as the CPU, the network interface adaptor and network connections) can be automatically derived from the application QoS parameters. We then deal with the QoS enforcement issue in which we describe techniques for scheduling protocol processing threads in order to reduce context switching overhead, as well as derive sufficiency conditions in order to provide predictable performance. We integrate all these solutions in a protocol implementation model. The key feature of the model is that protocols are part of the application process and are processed using protocol threads with individual scheduling attributes derived using our QoS mapping method. We propose several performance improvement techniques for application level protocol implementations that can reduce the high cost of data movement and context switching in these implementations. A significant component of this work will consist of implementation and experimentation which will result in significant contributions of practical utility.


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