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Security is emerging as a growing concern throughout the distributed computing community. Typical solutions entail specialized infrastructure support for authentication, encryption and access control. Mobile applications executing over ad hoc wireless networks present designers with a rather distinct set of security requirements. A totally open setting and limited resources call for lightweight and highly decentralized security solutions. In this paper we propose an approach that relies on extending an existing coordination middleware for mobility (Lime). The need to continue to offer a very simple model of coordination that assures rapid software development led to limiting extensions solely to password protected tuple spaces and per tuple access control. Password distribution and security are relegated to the application realm. Host level security is ensured by the middleware design and relies on standard support provided by the Java system. Secure interactions among agents across hosts are accomplished by careful exploitation of the interceptor pattern and the use of standard encryption. The paper explains the design strategy used to add security support in Lime and its implications for the development of mobile applications over ad hoc networks.


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